For a quick introduction and overview of Paris  museums and other cultural institutions, check out

Paris is filled with a rich collection of historic cathedrals, churches, abbeys and other religious buildings. Explore this wonderful website to see what France has to offer: 

Paris in the early summer was such a wonderful experience. Mom and I really enjoyed your suggestion that we celebrate her very special birthday at the Jules Verne Restaurant in the Eiffel Tower. You were absolutely right about going for lunch so that we could see the spectacular view, especially as our table looked out towards Notre Dame. Our memories of the food and wine we savoured over those three hours will stay with us forever. Suzanne and Miriam

While you’re in France, why not take the opportunity of exploring one of the loveliest areas in the country, the Languedoc Roussillon region of South Western France. Experience genuine village life surrounded by vineyards and wonderful regional food near the World Heritage Listed historic town of Carcassonne.

If you are planning to visit Florence while in Europe, a great way to feel like a local is to rent a beautiful apartment right in the old quarter of this beautiful city. Have a look at:

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